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Struggling to Find an Internship? Struggle No More!

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As a first year college student, knowing how to find an internship can be very difficult. There are so many jobs and opportunities but if you don’t know where to start then it makes the process complicated and stressful. As a Freshman, when I heard about the internship workshop from VSB I immediately knew I needed to attend the meeting. I was excited to learn about starting the internship search and the workshop went above and beyond my expectations. 

The workshop was simple and informational. We started by going over our majors and getting to know everyone better in the room. The lighter atmosphere made the workshop better for discussions and more conversational. The information included multiple parts starting with a very important talk about the website handshake. Handshake is one of the most important tools a Villanova student can utilize while searching for an internship. The most important part of the website/profile is how you use it. There are many different functions such as the career center tab where researching a certain company or job opportunity is as easy as three clicks. In another module within handshake, there is a place for resume building and editing. In the workshop we talked a great amount about the importance of a strong resume. When a recruiter or interviewer from a company views the resume it should be professional and a strong representation of who you are. Learning about the uses of the handshake app was helpful and I know I will be utilizing it in the future. 

Searching for a job can be as easy as making a friend! The next main topic that was discussed was the importance of networking. This is the “hidden job market”. We went over how networking and acting professional around friends, coaches, parents, or even family can have a great impact on whether they offer and internship opportunity or not. Being able to network is a skill. Some are more personal and outgoing than others which gives them an advantage in this market. However, anyone can make a friend. Staying connected is the hard part. As we discussed, networking doesn’t end after the first connection. Being able to keep in touch throughout your college or professional career can be monumental in the future. 

Lastly in the workshop we talked about other job opportunities other than internships. These included things like externships or job training sessions held at Villanova or on the job site. These options are important for some who don’t have the time or expenses to do a full internship over the summer or school year. 

The workshop taught me more than I could have ever imagined about internship opportunities at Villanova. Coming out of the discussion I feel prepared and excited to start my Job search!

Sam Parkinson 2023


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